Avoinna sopimuksen mukaan.

Ilmatar Corsetry & Couture

Mechelininkatu 43

00250 Helsinki


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A bespoke corset..?

A corset is a piece of clothing, that is traditionally meant for enhancing the silhouette and supporting the figure. The recipe for a quality corset is heavy-duty coutil fabrics, metallic bones, well supported lacing in the back, and optionally a supportive busk in the front.

There can be a variety of reasons for for getting a bespoke corset. Very regularly people buy corsets to gain amazing curves or to match their unique personal style.

With a well fitting corset you can also support your back, posture, breasts and stomach, and many has said it to help with back pains.

Corset can be made for almost all kinds of bodies, no matter the size or shapes. Patterns are always drafted personally for each customer, and we always make a mock-up version of the corset to try out the fit. After that the patterns are fixed and the actual corset will be made.

Our corset materials are made in Europe, and we only use traditional, hard-wearing fabrics and bones.


All our corsets are crafted carefully in Helsinki, Finland.

About pricing 

There's a few variables that affect the price of a bespoke corset.

Even though a corset is a beautiful piece of clothing at it's simplest forms, there's no limits when it comes to decorations and details. 

Classic Curves

1-layer coutil corset

- Underbust corset, from 400€

- Overbust corset, from 490€

A variety of heavy coutil fabrics to choose for your one fabric layer corset. This price includes a designing session, unique pattern fitting, and a modesty panel.

A vast selection of busks to choose from.

Luxury Line

2-layer corset, special decorations

Varies usually between 400-900€

When you want to take your bespoke corsetry to a next level, we got you! 

We offer very unique designs and many kinds of decoration techniques. You can choose from a simple touch of lace appliques, or go wild with multiple techniques!

Ilmatar is a unique designer & dressmaker from Helsinki Finland. 

We provide custom made tightlacing corsets, unique wedding dresses for dark fashion brides, stagewear and much more!