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Custom corsetry

A corset is a garment, or a part of a garment, typically designed to shape and support the silhouette of the body. General features of a high-quality corset include lacing, a good number of metal bones, and often a busk or other front closure for easier fastening.

Most commonly, a corset is worn to create curves and as a part of one's unique style.

A well-fitting corset can also provide support to the back, breasts, and abdomen, alleviate back problems, and improve posture.

Corsets can be tailored for all body types. Through careful patternwork and fitting, we guarantee you the perfect, hard wearing corset, regardless of gender, age, or size.

Ilmatar corsets are crafted from European materials: breathable and durable coutil fabrics, as well as long-lasting busks and bones, form the basic recipe for every Ilmatar corset. These corsets are handmade in Helsinki.

Pricing information

The price of a custom corset is determined by the corset's design, the number of fabric layers, and any potential embellishment.

Even in its simplest form, a corset is a beautiful and striking garment, and easily combined with many kinds of outfits. 


Corset belts, mini-underbust corsets

and neck-corsets from 200€

Classic Curves, 1-layer corset

  • Underbust, starting from €470

  • Overbust, starting from €550

Our Classic Curves corsets are made of standard corsetry materials with sturdy structures, plenty of supportive bones and a high quality busk and lacing. Can be adorned with simple embellishments or unique details.

Luxury Line

By combining various embellishment techniques and fabrics, corset designing knows no limits.

Prices for uniquely embellished, more complex corsets are always determined based on an individual plan.

As a guideline, the price often falls between €500 - €900.

Corset, custom corset, corset with lace, hourglass corset, tightlacing corset, overbust corset, korsetti, mittatilauskorsetti, pitsikorsetti, uniikki korsetti, tight-lacing korsetti, korsetti helsinki, korsettiompelimo

Bespoke corset ordering process

1. Initial Contact:

Start by reaching out to us. You can choose your preferred method of communication from the available options. In your message, feel free to share any specific preferences or ideas you have for your corset. Also, please let us know if you have a deadline, for example an occasion or a celebration where you will need your corset finished. Generally the process takes about 1-2 months, but the queue status and rush seasons affect this a lot sometimes.
We usually respond to emails within 2-3 business days, providing more detailed pricing information, and addressing any questions you may have. We'll also schedule your first studio visit.

2. First Studio Visit:

During this meeting, we'll take your measurements and discuss fabric choices and design details. The pricing is discussed and depending on the situation we'll give you the total price or a price range, if the work includes a lot of hourly rated embellishment. The first installment of the price, typically around 1/3 of the total cost, will be collected. We'll also agree on the corset's completion deadline and schedule the next appointment.


3. Second Studio Visit:

During this visit, you'll try on a corset prototype, also known as a mock-up. This allows us to fine-tune the shape and fit, and test out possible embellishment placing and such. You can make another payment installment during this meeting, and then we'll plan the following meeting.

4. Final Adjustments, or Pickup Fitting:

Depending on the process, this appointment might involve either collecting the finished corset, or a final fitting & adjusting session. In many cases, by the third visit, you'll be able to take your finished corset home. The last installment is to be paid when the corset is finished and ready to go with you. 

Ongoing Support:

You're welcome to ask for advice on corset maintenance, inquire about lacing adjustments, or discuss repairs for a corset. Generally, our corsets endure regular use for a very long time without wearing out. However, if you notice that maintenance is needed, addressing it promptly can prevent more extensive repairs.

Throughout the process, we're here to guide you and ensure your corset meets your expectations and needs.

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