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Alterations for wedding
& evening gowns

Information about the gown alterations process

Scroll down to next section for price examples of the most common alterations.

Standard sized wedding & evening dresses often require alterations or adjustments to reach a perfect fit for the wearer.

Whether you need a simple hem alteration and minor fit adjustment or more extensive changes to the dress's design, we perform alterations with professional expertise.

The alteration process is tailored to each dress and client. Typically, during the initial fitting, we assess the alteration needs, pin the dress and demonstrate the alterations as well as possible. This is when we also provide a price or a price range for the alteration work, depending on the nature of the work.

Some dresses can be altered by the following appointment to be picked up, while more intricate alterations might need one or more check-up fittings to achieve perfection. The number of fitting appointments depends on the complexity and extent of alterations required, as well as any embellishments on the dress. If you're pregnant or anticipate size changes for other reasons during alterations, it's best to discuss this with the seamstress.

Remember to bring the shoes you intend to wear with the dress and any necessary undergarments, such as the bra and other possible undergarments you plan to wear with the dress, to your alteration fittings. Shoes and undergarments can significantly affect the dress's fit and the length of the hem.

Pricing examples of our most common alteration works

Below you'll find price examples for the most common alterations and adjustments. Please note that we cannot provide an accurate price over the phone or via email without seeing the dress. Dress structures can vary significantly, impacting the amount of work required.

  • Hem Shortening starting from €35/layer

    • Additional fee for horsehair finished hems, from 40€​

  • Tulle Layer Trimming €25/layer

  • Slip Shortening or Narrowing €35

  • Taking In/Releasing Non-Boned Side Seams starting from €65

  • Taking In/Releasing Boned Side Seams starting from €85

  • A fee for altering a Zipper Seam €45

  • Taking in the Bust starting from €59

  • Strap Shortening/Lengthening €35 – €85

  • Strap Creation (excluding materials) starting from €65

  • Separate Bodices, Sleeves, Veils, and Capes (excluding materials) €80 – €300

  • Swapping Zipper to Lacing (includes lacing and modesty panel) €99 – €129

  • Switching Lacing to Zipper (includes zipper) €80 – €99

  • "Safety Belt" €45

  • Adding Bust Cups (includes cups) €19

  • Adding Support Bones per pair €20

  • Bustle Up with Button and Loop €10/piece

  • Bustle Up with Hand Loop €19

  • Sewing Buttons, Hooks, and Snaps €5/each, larger amounts estimated hourly

  • Anti-Static Treatment €35

  • Hourly Rate, e.g., for lace or embellishment work €70/hour

Amount of hourly work is estimated during the initial fitting, and you're only charged for the actual hours worked.

Dress steaming is included in the alteration cost.

If you'd like to only have your dress steamed, the cost is €35.

Veil steaming €10-15

You can purchase spacious bridal garment bags from us for €20.

Please note that you can always reschedule your appointment if you can't make it at the scheduled time. For appointments not canceled in advance and missed by the customer, we charge a €35 appointment fee.

If you have an unexpected alteration need with a tight timeline, please note that we charge a rush fee for rush alterations.

For rush alterations, the following fees apply:

  • +10% of the dress alteration cost if the need is within 8 weeks

  • +20% within 4 weeks

  • +50% within 3 weeks

  • +100% within 7 days

  • +150% within 4 days.

We recommend booking your appointment for alterations well in advance. For wedding dress alterations, the recommended time for the first fitting is ~3 months before the wedding date.

Sometimes we can accommodate rush alterations as well.

Often alterations for evening gowns are simpler, and these can be done with shorter notice.

You can make a reservation up to a year in advance. If needed, you can change your appointment time with a booking code provided to you via booking confirmation e-mail.

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