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Dark & Bridal Fashion

Bespoke dark fashion, bridal fashion, and made-to-measure outfits for special occasions. ​

Book a design meeting for your

dream couture treasure.

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Evening Gowns

Red Carpet

Wedding Gowns

Bridal Accessories


Catsuits & Leotards

Armours and Harnesses

Complete outfits

And much more

The Custom order process

  1. Initial Contact:

    Begin the process of ordering a custom dress by reaching out to us. You can choose your preferred method of communication from the available options on our contact page.

    Feel free to share your preferences and initial wishes regarding your dress in your message, if you have something on your mind. We can always start working on a completely blank slate too.

    Please include the date of your special day/event when contacting us, as this is important for planning the timeline. Keep in mind that it's advisable to place your order several months in advance of your event. Our queue status varies and is affected by seasonal rush. If you receive a sudden invitation to an event and need a dress on a tight schedule, it's best to reach us without delay.  

    We usually respond to emails within 2-3 business days, providing answers to your inquiries, possibly an initial price range estimate, and scheduling your first visit to the studio.

  2. First Studio Visit:

    Typically, during the first visit, we'll take your measurements and discuss fabric choices and design details. Occasionally, we might review some sketches during this stage.

    The exact price will be determined as the design progresses, but during the first meeting you'll be given a price range or an estimate as close as possible. If you'd like to confirm your order during the design meeting, the first payment installment will be collected at this point. This installment can be around 1/4 of the total cost/estimated price. The number of installments is discussable.

    During this meeting we'll also plan the timeline and schedule the next appointment.

  3. Fitting Process:

    Dresses are usually fitted around 2-5 times as the order progresses, with the number of fittings varying based on the project. Payment installments can be made during these fitting appointments. Fittings are not only a tool to make the garment fit your body perfectly, but also a wonderful chance to try out details, design ideas and proportions.

  4. Final Fitting:

    During the last fitting appointment, you'll receive your finished garment. It will be carefully steamed and packed into a spacious, breathable garment bag. Usually the last installment is paid during this meeting.

  5. Customer Care:

    Care instructions for custom dresses can vary a lot, so it's important to discuss this during material and method selection. You can always ask for advice regarding dress care and cleaning. Sometimes dresses are also altered after the event to suit future occasions.


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